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Hello, fellow brawlers. This is Vivek from the Brawl Esports team, presenting you with an interview article with the BCS admin Vortexreppin.

Boréal MG has been in mobile competitive scene, since the early Clash Royale days and has never failed to provide opportunities to passionate and skilled gamers across the world. BCS, Boreal Championship Series was started to provide opportunities to competitive teams that were searching for a bigger stage to prove their skills. It was started during the month of December, last year.

The Clash Royale series began exactly in January 1,2019. Since Brawl Stars was just released during that time, no tournaments were held during the beginning. It took some time to kick off, and now..guess what? It’s been going in full swing.

We are so thankful to Vortex for answering our questions despite his busy schedule. Vortexreppin is 17 year old and is from Toronto, Canada. According to Vortex, BMG’s entry into Brawl esports scene was predetermined. Before the inclusion of Brawl Stars in BCS, BMG had their own competitive team to represent them in a few prestigious tournaments. Brawl Stars was added to BCS in March 2019. It took some time to kick off, but it’s been going in full swing since then.

The one major thing he likes about the game, is the ease in setting up friendly games. Create a room, share the code, and then boooom…you’re ready to play. However, he feels that Supercell should continue to improve the game, rather than focusing on the esports side of the game. They should allow other organisations to conduct official tournaments (NA Open by Skillshot was stated as an example). On the other hand, Shot delay was something that vortex stressed throughout the interview. Even if teams from the same region played together, shot delays were noticed and it spoiled the fun for the players as well as the spectators. From the tournament logs it can be seen that, during the first season there were many teams forfeiting during the mid-season. When asked the reason for this, Vortex told that, during the season 1 of BS BCS teams from both the regions NA and EU were clubbed together and it created time issues and lag issues that caused many teams to forfeit and moreover the prize pool was too small.

But that wasn’t the end of BS BCS. They came back strong, they had two team pools, the EU and the NA and that put the end to time and shot delay issues, not completely(SC you’ve got to work on this). The prize pool was increased 10x. Unlike Clash Royale, BS has only two regions, NA and EU, and this is due to the lack of competitive teams in other regions. But that doesn’t put an end to the ‘few’ teams in those missed regions that are willing to participate. You can try to participate in a region that is close to you. Speaking generally about the game, Vortex isn’t happy about the current meta(at the time of the interview) consisting of Gene, Rosa and Carl. As always the interview ended with me asking him about one thing that he would like to see added to the game. For this, his answer was “I would like to see moderator slot added to friendly rooms, so that the moderator can choose the map and make sure the right map is chosen before each match and banned brawlers are not played”.

Spoiler ahead… BCS team is also planning to enter into Fortnite Mobile. Make sure you are following them on all social platforms. I’ll drop a link to their discord server below. Thank you for reading till the end.

BCS Discord
BCS Twitter

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