Pro Brawl League NA Week 5 Review

As the time went by, it looked like we had ourselves a great first match. Both teams were shaken up after the departure of their captains. Ace 1’s captain Squashy and Arena Quesito’s captain Keenan both left, Squashy to join the big name team Tribe Gaming. Ace 1 were sitting comfortably at a 2-2 record, on a 2 win game streaks, while Arena Quesito were trying to add something positive to their PBL season by changing their 4 game losing streak into a win, their first..

Arena Quesito though went through some problems. At first it wasn’t even sure if they were gonna be able to field a team due to outside causes. After a messy 20 minutes though they stepped into the game with a 3 man team, only to then leave after Game 1 for unknown reasons, giving Ace 1 the win for DQ.

After a shaky first game, Nova Esports and Omen Jokers took the stage and gave us a good show that ended with a Nova win by 4-2. After Omen Jokers took the lead in the Game 1 Gem Grab match, Nova took the next 2 games in Heist and Brawl Ball. Omen tried a comeback by winning the Siege Match, but it was no use. Nova took the last two games, with Portal grabbing Star Player in both of them, playing great as Bull in Heist using his rush to his advantage, and ShadowJutsu posting a 3.50 K/D ratio to give them a much needed victory over their direct rival and taking them to a 3-2 record.

The big match of the day though was between the two teams who had a 3-1 record entering week 5. Tribe Gaming and Omen Elite both had a star filled team, with OG, Alec26 and Cobra representing Tribe Gaming and Bobby, Feli and Jack_Chepo with Omen Elite. What looked like a great match on schedule though, didn’t translate to the game. Already looking at the bans, we could see that Omen banned Spike (one of OG’s favorite brawlers, and definitely one of the ones he is best at) from 5 out of 7 of the games. On the other side, Tribe banned Gene, maybe to try to put Omen in a difficult situation, as Bobby has been playing Gene really well lately, or maybe the bans were just because Gene is still a good brawler. After a not ideal start in Game 1, Bobby (Rosa in this game) was in the right place at the same time to clean up the mess and grab all of the 11 gems left unattended and run back to his spawn for the 1-0 lead. The Heist match was complete domination by Omen Elite, as they ended it on the first push, not even letting Tribe get into their half of the map. The Game 3 Brawl ball match gave a glimmer of hope to Tribe, as they were able to score the first goal after a great defensive sequence. It was downhill from there. Bobby scored two quick (great) goals to close the BB match and make Omen grab a commanding 3-0 lead that they were able to turn into win in the Siege match. Omen’s 4-0 victory was not what we were expecting, but we have to acknowledge that Tribe Gaming was without an important player, as Squashy is still waiting to be eligible to play for Tribe. The trio of OG, Alec and Squashy were the most recent winners of DreamHack Mobile Dallas.

The last match of the day had another Tribe-Omen matchup, as Tribe Invictus faced Omen Legends. Omen took the 1-0 lead, but quickly fell behind 2-1 after the Brawl Ball game. Omen Elite put on an impressive display after that, winning the next 3 games with Tyrant Star picking up Star Player in every one of them.

Omen Elite41181162.1%1WTeam Page
Omen Legends32161257.1%1WTeam Page
ACE13212957.1%3WTeam Page
Tribe Gaming32121152.2%2LTeam Page
Nova Esports32131350.0%2WTeam Page
Omen Jokers23141351.9%1LTeam Page
Tribe Invictus23141450.0%1LTeam Page
Arena Quesito0542016.7%5LTeam Page

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