Pro Brawl League Week 4 Standings

PBL Standings After Week 4

Tribe Gaming408-189%17-3-183%4WTeam Page
Tribe Jajaja316-367%13-10-057%2WTeam Page
Turtle Gang226-555%14-12-154%2LTeam Page
Tribe Activium225-550%13-11-154%1LTeam Page
Cream eSports225-550%12-11-052%1WTeam Page
Tribe Sleepers225-550%11-11-050%1WTeam Page
Buff Spike225-550%12-13-048%1LTeam Page
FiringRange134-640%9-14-240%1LTeam Page
5 Novas 1 Cup132-613%8-13-038%1WTeam Page
Nova Brawlzil132-722%5-16-125%3LTeam Page

Week 4 featured a few upsets that allowed Tribe Gaming to further their lead over the pack while drawing the rest of the teams closer together. As mentioned Tribe Gaming remains undefeated after their win over Nova Brawlzil, advancing their record to 4-0. In second place is another of the Tribe organization’s 4 teams in the Pro Brawl League, Tribe Jajaja. They are the only team in the league with a 3-1 record after all the 2-1 teams going into week 4 lost their matches except for Jajaja. Because of those losses there are now 5 teams all tied for 3rd place.

In 3rd we have Turtle Gang, Tribe Activium, Cream eSports, Tribe Sleepers, and Buff Spike. The tiebreakers put them into that order based on the set win % and game win % of each team. Cream eSports earned their spot in the top 7 by winning over Turtle Gang who are now are a 2 loss streak after beginning the season 2-0. Turtle Gang did not make it easy on Cream eSports however, they won the Gem Grab set before the reverse sweep by Cream eSports not losing a game in Heist or Brawl Ball. Tribe Sleepers was the only other team in this 5 way tie with a win this week after beating FiringRange in a quick 4 game match. Buff Spike suffered a tough loss to Tribe Jajaja while Tribe Activium was upset by 5 Novas 1 Cup.

The remaining 3 teams are tied at a 1-3 record with only 5 Novas 1 Cup among them winning a match this week. This was a huge week for 5 Novas 1 Cup as they not only got their first match wins they also got their first set wins on the board in a 2-0 win over Tribe Activium. This moved them above Nova Brawlzil in tiebreakers as Nova Brawlzil has 1 more set loss. FiringRange still remains above them with more set wins and the head to head decider over 5 Novas 1 Cup.

An important note this week, all teams are within 1 win back of top 4. Top 4 is the mark to reach by the end of Week 9 to advance to the PBL Season 2 playoffs. PBL will be taking a break for the next 2 weeks for the holidays and will return back for Week 5 of play of Thursday January 3rd 2019.

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