Pro Brawl League Week 6 Standings

PBL Standings After Week 6

Tribe Gaming6012-380.0%25-10-170.8%6WTeam Page
Cream eSports429-564.3%20-11-064.5%3WTeam Page
Tribe Jajaja429-660.0%21-17-055.3%1WTeam Page
Tribe Sleepers338-753.3%18-16-052.9%1LTeam Page
Turtle Gang339-852.9%21-19-152.4%1LTeam Page
Tribe Activium337-750.0%17-15-153.0%1LTeam Page
FiringRange246-842.9%13-18-242.4%1WTeam Page
Buff Spike246-940.0%15-21-041.7%3LTeam Page
5 Novas 1 Cup244-833.3%12-17-041.4%1WTeam Page
Team Solid152-1115.4%6-24-121.0%5LTeam Page

Week 6 of Pro Brawl League finally gave us a little deviation in the standings. The dominant Tribe Gaming still stand atop the standings with their undefeated record, but this week Turtle Gang might have given them their best challenge so far this season. Wins for each Tribe Jajaja and Cream eSports move them to tied for second putting them in great position for the playoffs heading in to the latter part of the season. Tribe Sleepers, Turtle Gang, and Tribe Activium are all tied for fourth and round out the top 6. As the tiebreakers currently stand Tribe Sleepers would earn the 4th playoff spot if the playoffs were today. It is important for these teams to hold their position because the last four teams are looking to catch them as the top 6 teams this season are guaranteed a spot in PBL Season 3. Looking to earn this spot are the three teams tied for 7th (FiringRange, Buff Spike, and 5 Novas 1 Cup) and the last place team, Team Solid. Firing Range and 5 Novas 1 Cup are both on the up in the past week coming off wins while Buff Spike has lost their past 3 in a row. Team Solid however, holds the longest losing streak this season with a 5 game losing streak since they won their first match in Week 1.

We will get a much better look at the playoff picture after the Week 7 games that will be streamed at today (Thursday January 17th) at 5PM EST. Be sure to check back to this site after the matches to see in depth match, player, team, brawler, and map stats as well as some analysis coming next week.

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