Short Interview With the Founders of Brawl Premier League (BPL)

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A warm welcome to all fellow brawlers reading this. Brawl Premier League is the talk of the town, and is the widely awaited among the players due to its different play style. The Brawl Esports team managed to arrange an interview with the founder of the league, MISTER SP1DER ,along with Bailey OP, a YouTuber.

     Before we get into the main stream of the article, let us know a few details about the founder. The founder of the league is MISTER SP1DER, a citizen of the land of the “Cape of good hope”, South Africa. He has had experience managing several teams and leagues in Clash Royale. His efforts to promote brawl esports are to be appreciated and we at the Brawl Esports team, show our respect by bringing his efforts to light through this article. We would like to wish him success.

      To start with, let’s know how this all began. So the reason he told is fair enough. As of now the brawl esports scene is in beta. He tells that the players at higher level have a very competitive attitude and what lacks at that phase is a major stage to compete on, and he assures that the BPL would provide that environment to it’s players. As mentioned earlier the play style is totally different, what I mean is , the drafting phase has undergone a total revamp. Here the players draft gamemodes and maps rather than drafting brawlers. Major esports titles like CS:GO use map drafting strategies. The following is the reason he gives for choosing such a strategy.

“The major difference in the format is the addition of map and game mode drafting. We decided on this to force players and captains to not only practice another layer of strategy (in predicting opposing map bans and picks as well as counterpicking) but also to encourage preparation for matches. If captains have to research the opposing team to counterpick them, they’re ultimately diversifying their own teams play, players have to be consistent on all maps, and learn how to play the maps they’ve previously been weak on, as it’s likely those maps will be picked.”

He has a clear vision of where ,BPL would stand a year from now. He wants BPL to be a place where skills come first. A player with skill should be honored. The team behind BPL is small, the two founders backed up by a small group of admins and a stats and sheets manager. Most of the games will be streamed by Bailey OP. We asked MISTER SP1DER , what he thinks should be added to brawl in its road to be a successful esports title , for which he suggested the following.

There is a specific feature which I’ve been asking for for a little while now. While it’s just a small Quality of Life change, it would make a huge difference in audience viewership quality. I’d like to see the ability for a third-party to create a friendly game room and exist within it as a spectator. This would make it easier for competitive matches to be adminned, as well as make it significantly easier for streamers to spectate the match as currently streamers are having to either join a club with the players and spectate via the club menu, or add a player as a friend. This feature would erase confusion and disconnects between the admin, captains and players.”

  With this I would like to end the article and a special thanks for MISTER SP1DER for spending his precious time in answering our questions.


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