Upcoming PBL Week 4 Maps and Matches

Pro Brawl League Week 4 Maps and Matches

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5 Novas 1 Cup vs Tribe Activium 

5 Novas 1 Cup come into this match as major underdogs with a 0-6 set record to go along with their 0-3 set record. Tribe Activium on the other hand is tied for second place with the tiebreaker lead over their competition. Tribe Activium not only has the 2nd highest match record in the league, they have the second highest set record. Even 1 set win for 5 Novas 1 Cup would be a major win for the team.

Tribe Jajaja vs Buff Spike 

Both of these teams come in tied for second place in the league. This is a very important match this week because the winner is guaranteed at leasts a tie for second and a chance at first if Tribe Gaming loses this week. The loser of this match could drop as low as 5th place based on the other match outcomes. We expect this to be the most exciting match of Week 4, you won’t want to miss it.

 Nova Brawlzil vs Tribe Gaming 

Tribe Gaming is a massive favorite as the only remaining undefeated team in the league. Nova Brawlzil is in the lower half of the league with a 1-2 record struggling to stay in striking range of the top 4, the cutoff for the playoffs this season.

 Tribe Sleepers vs FiringRange 

FiringRange are coming off of their first match  win over 5 Novas 1 Cup and are looking to streatch their record to 2-2. Tribe Sleepers are also only at 1 win and haven’t won a match since Week 1. This weeks winner will remain 1 game back from playoff contention while the loser will drop to 2 games back.

Turtle Gang vs Cream eSports 

Both of these teams suffered a loss in Week 3 and need to win this week to gain some momentum going into Week 5. Turtle Gang is a part of the 4 way tie for second in the league, but after tie breakers are considered they are 3rd overall. It is unlikely that Turtle Gang will move up in the standings after a win but they would still remain in the top 4 necessary for playoffs. A win for Cream eSports would mean a placement of at least a tie for 4th and potentially higher depending on other outcomes.

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