Week 3 Map Rotation Analysis

Set 1 – Heist

  1. Kaboom Canyon
  2. GG Corral
  3. Safe Zone

Set 2 – Brawl Ball

  1. Pinhole Punt
  2. Triple Dribble
  3. Backyard Bowl

Set 3 – Gem Grab

  1. Deep Hollows
  2. Crystal Cavern
  3. Temple Catacombs

The game mode and map rotation has a huge effect on matches based on the current PBL setup. The 3 players who play in Set 1 are not allowed to play in Set 2 this means as the rotation varies week to week some teams are forced to change their starting roster for specific game modes. This is a tough change for some teams because although all the players are good at all of the game modes, each team have a best 3 for each game mode. For example, Invictus Wakandans used the same 3 players in Week 2 for both Heist and Brawl Ball. In Week 3 IVW will be forced to use a different set of three for one of those modes. Either their usual Gem Grab lineup will pick up one of those modes or they will bring in 3 other players from their roster. It will be interesting to see how teams adapt to this difference in Week 3 and throughout the season.


Kaboom Canyon favors Darryl over Bull in their rivalry as the king of Heist. This map has an issue with spawn locations however as if your tank starts the game off with a spawn on the right side they will be forced to wait back for their teammates who hopefully have quite a bit of range to gain a super to create openings for their tank. If the tank gets a left spawn the teams options are opened up quite a bit. The tank then has the ability to sneak into the middle bush early on and use the opponents lack of vision to gain early super charge.

GG Corral is more of a toss up in the tank match up as Bull can often provide more help for his team by breaking the first opponents wall. The Darryl super on this map is very limiting as he can only go from his own base to the opposing safe on the left side of the map until walls are broken. The spawns on this map are also something that needs to be looked at because it is much better for a team if their ranged brawlers get a left spawn allowing them to reach the river that they can shoot across very quickly. This map sees a much slower play early on as there is only 1 way to exit your own side to enter the middle area unless you have a Dynamike. On the topic of Dynamike, throwers are also a great pick for this map as there are a lot of walls on the map.

Safe Zone has not yet been played in PBL and might make its debut this week if any teams go to a third map in the first Set. Safe Zone has no apparent spawn problems and Darryl is easily favored over Bull in this match up. The map allows for Darryl to use his super on either side and having just one wall breaking character on his will allow him to simply roll down the middle as well. A range advantage can also be very important on this map to gain an early super and quick early kills that create opportunities for huge pushes.

Brawl Ball

Pinhole Punt has seen Poco’s strongest performance of the Brawl Ball maps so far. He has a 100% pick rate through 4 games and has maintained a 100% win rate. This should come as no surprise as Poco is one of the strongest Brawlers at the moment. Other strong picks on this map include Shelly who has been named the Queen of Brawl Ball and Tara who may also be gunning for that title.

Triple Dribble is Poco’s weakest of the 3 maps and his 0% win rate in 3 games proves he was slightly overrated in previous weeks. Mortis also saw his only play of the season so far on this map so keep your eyes peeled for another cameo in Week 3. Nita seems to be the most dominant Brawler on this map with Dynamike at a very close second. The way the walls are set up give Nita and Dynamike ample places to hide and shoot from safety. Nita is 3 – 0 in past performances and Dynamike is 3 – 1 being one of two Brawlers picked in 100% of Triple Dribble games.

Backyard Bowl has only been played in one game throughout the first two weeks we can learn a lot about which Brawlers are strongest on this map after this week. Backyard Bowl is a very open map for Brawl Ball and has only one wall that really protects the goal. After that wall goes down there is a lot of opportunity for super shot goals. Expect to see teams cornering the ball in their own side after gaining a one goal lead as is is very difficult to respawn and stop a push after dying.

Gem Grab

Deep Hollows has a lot of horizontal walls that favor throwers and Nita. Barley is 3 – 1 in previous games on this map and Dynamike is 1 – 2 so Barley may be slightly favored in this match. The only team to attempt to take on this map without a thrower was Nova Elite who attempted to build a comp around Frank but they did not find any success. The most dominant Brawler on this map is Nita who has a 100% win rate in 4 games. It is also a must to have a healer on the team on this map. Poco and Pam have gone even on this map both with a 2 – 2 record. Pam has a lot of great walls to throw her heal station behind but those are easily countered with a thrower. It may not even be necessary for Pam to hide the station behind  a wall at all due to the prevalence of throwers.

Crystal Cavern is a very balanced map that allows for play of many different Brawlers. Ricochet has been picked in 2 out of the 3 games on this map and lost both matches. The teams either had a poor performance or a poor understanding of which maps Ricochet is dominant at. Poco is definitely as any balanced map favors him in the current state of the game. Tara is also a strong pick on this map with a 67% win rate.

Temple Catacombs is a controversial map due to how easy it is to spawn trap your opponent very early on. To be successful on this map teams will need to play smart early to not die. Expect to see Poco and Ricochet as high priority picks as they both have a 100% pick rate and a 75% win rate on this map. The side walls on this map make Temple Catacombs one of Ricochets best maps. Teams that do not draft Ricochet will have to adapt in game from previous strategies to try to take him down.

That is it for this week’s Map Rotation Analysis, check back in next week for more. If you are interested in writing a piece like this or just want to help contribute to this site, contact me through email at pblstatssite@gmail.com or through twitter @PBLStats.

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